Elsewhen: Giving Applejack A Star Turn

About 5 years ago we had a dream (based on a literal dream) of turning apples into something never before made in NZ. Since then we have been quietly filling barrels, knowing that time was really the key.

Well, the wait is coming to an end. Those apples have transformed into something better than gold. If you want to be part of our launch, follow us on Insta or Twitter (@roughhandsnz), or sign up to our email list. #waitforit

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Fritz and Maria

Fritz and Maria have been living, drinking and brewing together for over 20 years. As beer commentators and educators they strive to create a beerocracy where people exercise their palates by voting for quality in the marketplace. Their interests include the personalities, business, and culture of craft beer worldwide. As distillers for Rough Hands, they loved being at the place where magic meets science. Fritz and Maria can be found speaking at beery events, holding guided tastings, judging competitions.